When you grow your practice, you will simultaneously transform your:


✨ Clarity in talking about your offering

✨ Ability to connect with your clients

✨ Belief in your value and worth as a practitioner

✨ Confidence to put yourself out there

✨ Capacity to receive and have money

✨ Business-minded skillset


This program is NOT...

A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing - While I do give you a framework, you don't have to use strategies that feel slimy or salesy.

Another training on how to use sound therapy instruments - As long as you are certified, you are already completely qualified to start growing your practice! That being said, practice mentoring is always available to you.

Another thing to spend your money on - This is an investment that will serve your business and your life forever. Plus, it's tax deductible when you register your business.


Per month. Cancel anytime.

  • Foundations for a Successful Practice framework (Value $500)
  • Weekly 20-minute private coaching (Value $300)
  • 1-2 Group coaching calls per week (Value $300)
  • Complete archive of previously recorded calls (Value $1,000)
  • Exclusive thriving community of practitioners (Value $150)

Total value $2,350 per month

For only $197 per month!


Penny Murray

This program has brought me ALIVE! I feel abundance all around me. This program is about WAY more than building business. It is about me creating me. The me I have longed to be. Confident. Vibrant. AND self supported.

While coaching with Jillian, in just under a year, my business has grown to support my lifestyle and my whims.

The community here is my family. I lean in and they hold me. They lean in and I support them. This program is about expanding all of one’s self beyond any limitations and discovery a new dimension of self daily."

Rivkah Goldberg

“The accountability of this program is huge. It creates momentum, which I’ve been lacking. I’m learning I can be a mom, friend, and business owner and I’m gaining clarity on what I have to offer. I can let it be messy and relax into it. I’m also really liking being a part of a group of like-minded individuals.”

Dione Gadler

"The most helpful part of this course was Jillian's reflective questions, keen intuition, and her ability to shine light on the areas of my hidden self-imposed blockages.

She guided me to a place of alignment that I know I would have struggled with on my own, for who knows how long, without her help.

This course is valuable beyond measure, in so many ways ~ from the practical to the deeply personal.

If you have any inkling of doing it, then trust that it's for you."