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Before I tell you how joining this program will turn your practice into an aligned career, rather than a hobby, let’s talk about who this program is really for... 


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Inside the Grow a Thriving Practice program, you’ll get

Private weekly coaching

Received twelve consecutive weeks of individualized coaching with Jillian Faldmo. Understand what's stopping you from moving forward. Together we will overcome all those fears around money, putting yourself out there and failing.

Marketing training for your aligned practice

The Foundations for a Successful Practice marketing training series is a 13-video on-demand program to help you attract your ideal clients, create your unique offering, and get paid. This series is self-paced, so you can study during a time that works for you.

Monthly group Biofield Tuning sessions

When your conscious and subconscious minds are on the same page, magic happens. Each month, you are invited to a live group Biofield Tuning session led by Jillian Faldmo or other guest practitioners. Unlock hidden aspects of yourself and unleash your true potential.

Monthly business-minded workshops

Every month you're invited to a LIVE 60-minute workshop covering the topics you really need to start and grow your practice. These workshops are created from the things that helped me grow a six-figure business.

Archive vault of all replays

You're going places and that means you need on-demand access to all of the calls we do within the program. Anything I teach live, you'll have lifetime access to in our private member website.

Exclusive access to the GATP Community

You're never alone in this program. Join our community of like-minded practitioners who are alongside you on your journey. Engage in daily chats and join us in our monthly Hive Mind meetings for extra support and encouragement along the way.

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Just imagine having the


✨ Clarity in talking about your offering in your every day life so that selling becomes natural, authentic, and easy (not salesy

 Ability to connect with your clients in a deep way, so that you can faciliate powerful shifts and transformation for them

✨ Belief in your value and worth as a practitioner so that receiving money becomes a true exchange of energy, and not something you don't feel worthy of

✨ Confidence to put yourself out there so that you can achieve your business and money goals with ease

Business-minded skillset so that you can help your business reach its fullest potential



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You'll achieve all of this with the Foundations for a Successful Practice marketing training series


Module 1

  • Identify your ideal client
  • Identify your target market
  • Set your financial goals


Module 2

  • Develop a character that represents your ideal client
  • Identify language that speaks directly to them


Module 3

  • Create your offering
  • Define a session plan outline


Module 4

  • Step into the identity of the practitioner
  • Finding and attracting your ideal clients


Module 5

  • Learn and practice the art of talking about what you do
  • Create your elevator pitch


Module 6

  • Learn how to believe in yourself, your clients, and your offer
  • Learn how to make offers


Module 7

  • Refine your business-minded communication skills
  • Learn how to write amazing copy that sells


Module 8

  • Learn the energy formula for marketing
  • Become the version of you that already has the thriving practice


Module 9

  • Create an opt-in
  • Build your email list


Module 10

  • Create an amazing mini session or consultation process
  • Sell your packages


Module 11

  • Create your website
  • Optimize your sales through a landing page


Module 12

  • Learn how to use your inner resourcefulness as an entrepreneur
  • You're ready to thrive!


Plus even more coaching on time management, money mindset, and other business-building strategy.

What your peers are saying

Penny Murray

Resilient Balance

This program has brought me ALIVE! I feel abundance all around me. This program is about WAY more than building business. It is about me creating me. The me I have longed to be. Confident. Vibrant. AND self supported.

While coaching with Jillian, in just under a year, my business has grown to support my lifestyle and my whims.

The community here is my family. I lean in and they hold me. They lean in and I support them. This program is about expanding all of one’s self beyond any limitations and discovery a new dimension of self daily."

Rivkah Goldberg

Stellar Resonance

“The accountability of this program is huge. It creates momentum, which I’ve been lacking. I’m learning I can be a mom, friend, and business owner and I’m gaining clarity on what I have to offer. I can let it be messy and relax into it. I’m also really liking being a part of a group of like-minded individuals.”

Dione Gadler


"The most helpful part of this course was Jillian's reflective questions, keen intuition, and her ability to shine light on the areas of my hidden self-imposed blockages.

She guided me to a place of alignment that I know I would have struggled with on my own, for who knows how long, without her help.

This course is valuable beyond measure, in so many ways ~ from the practical to the deeply personal.

If you have any inkling of doing it, then trust that it's for you."

Noémi Kiss

Kiss Sounds

"This year of working with Jillian has taught me so much about how to build and grow a thriving practice, but it also helped me gain so much understanding of what was in the way of me becoming as successful as I wanted to be.

Week after week we dove into questions that would challenge me and help me grow on a personal level just as much as a practitioner. It changed the way how I show up in my life as a partner, friend and leader.

I'm so grateful for her help, and I'm also so happy to have jumped in!

The value and resources she offers are more than I could've dreamed of and definitely worth every penny.

She's generous beyond measure, she's fun and easy to work with, she's honest and dares to be vulnerable. I always felt that she was her authentic self all along the way, she walked the path in front of me, and with me."


Grow a Thriving Practice

$2,997 USD

One-time payment

  • Twelve weekly private calls with Jillian 
  • Your own personal hub to share agenda items, notes, and recordings of your coaching calls 
  • Lifetime, on-demand access to the Foundations for a Successful Practice marketing training series 
  • Lifetime access to four (4) group calls per month 
  • Lifetime access to the complete archive of previously recorded calls 
  • Lifetime access to the Ask Jillian written coaching hub 
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive thriving community of practitioners 


Total lifetime value $20,000
For only

$2,997 USD

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