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I'm Jillian Faldmo


I teach wellness practitioners

the exact steps to find clients and get paid.


Are you a massage therapist, sound healing practitioner, energy worker, yoga teacher, or therapist?

This is for you.

Unlock your most valuable asset - your emotions.


I transformed my career from full-time nursing to full-time sound and energy healer in 2017. 


It started with believing I could.


I can show you how to do the same. 


This is for you if you’re feeling:

🪄Fear of rejection

🪄Anxiety around being seen

🪄Confusion about what to do next

🪄Overwhelmed by all the ideas you have


I get it. I've been in your shoes.

And I learned how to transmute these emotions into the ones that would fuel my business success.

It wasn't easy, but I took what I did and made the process simple for you.


In this free roadmap and guidebook, I'm teaching you what took me years to understand.

You'll learn how harness your emotional awareness to transmute fear, anxiety, confusion, and overwhelm into:

Clarity with your offer

Confidence to put yourself out there

Inner resourcefulness, so you can move forward and fulfill your mission to serve others

It's simple!

Get the Harness Your Emotional Awareness Guidebook & Roadmap .

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