Grow a Thriving Practice

in 12 weeks


Create the career in Biofield Tuning that is aligned with YOU.

Thrive doing what you LOVE!

Put your offer out there and create your first $3k in revenue.

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What if you could create the life you love by doing what you love... all the time?


I can help!


Remember the first time you received a Biofield Tuning session?


The transformation you achieved from just that one session was 

beyond words, beyond explanation. 


Now you want to help others achieve the same caliber of transformation, and make it your profession.


What gets in the way?


☑️ Not knowing how to talk about what you do.

☑️ Not believing you will be successful

☑️ Issues with receiving money


Experiencing any or all of these can bring feelings of insecurity, frustration, and stuckness.


I’ve been in your shoes. I speak your language. 

I get you. 


I can help.


The cool thing is you can start anytime – before you build your website and open your doors to the public. 


The process is easy. 


With the tools and strategies I have to offer, at the end of 12 weeks you will:

✅ Believe in your own success

✅ Trust the work you do

✅ Fall in love with marketing

✅Facilitate profound and transformative sessions


With my help, you’ll not only make your first $3k in revenue -- you'll also find yourself experiencing more ease and flow in your practice.


Get Your 30-day Plan

Group Calls

Automatic enrollment to monthly remote group sessions, coffee chats, workshops, plus access to replays of previous calls.

Coaching & Mentoring

12 weeks of individualized coaching and mentoring tailored to you, plus ongoing support for one year. 

Online Community

Access to our growing online community of thriving Biofield Tuning Practitioners for peer support and connection. 

You don't have to do this alone

In fact, you'll have way more fun growing your practice with me as your coach & mentor. One of my favorite things to do is come up with fun business ideas. So, let's make some magic together.

With my experience as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner & Instructor, Registered Nurse, and Life & Business Coach, I have the skills help you reach your business and practice goals in just a short amount of time. Plus, I've grown my business from the ground-up, not once... not twice... but three times!

In fact, I left my full-time nursing career to build a full-time Biofield Tuning practice and exceeded my salaried income.

Then, I moved to California to marry my soulmate and his two daughters. Now we live in beautiful Central Oregon, where we love introducing people to sound therapy.

Are you ready to build your practice? Let me help you. I love working with people like you because it's you who is going to make this world a better place - one tune at a time. Plus, we get each other! We speak the same language and live by similar value systems.

When you work with me, you will get insight to your own mind that you otherwise may not have accessed alone. 

Let's do this.

I'm just a call away.

Get Your 30-day Plan

What Your Peers Are Saying

Shannon Quinn

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner

“Our first session together, we were on fire! I was stuck in a rut and not knowing where to start with my business. Jillian was able to help me see the reality I was creating with my thoughts and then worked with me to break things down in a way that is step-by-step, which was really helpful.”

Rivkah Goldberg

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner

“The accountability of this program is huge. It creates momentum, which I’ve been lacking. I’m learning I can be a mom, friend, and business owner and I’m gaining clarity on what I have to offer. I can let it be messy and relax into it. I’m also really liking being a part of a group of like-minded individuals.”

Debra Duxbury

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner

"Working with Jillian helped me experience how I am able to shift old patterns and be aligned within myself to be a more effective practitioner. I have found exchanging sessions with other practitioners in the group to be a great learning experience. We all use this work in our own way and I found it interesting being tuned by others in the group. This program has allowed me to learn more about myself which is going to allow me to offer more to others. Go for it!"

Julene Passmore

Biofield Tuning Student

"Being new to Biofield Tuning, working with Jillian has been helpful and empowering, especially as online education has been the only option during the pandemic.

Our conversations have helped me plan a graceful transition between my current business and the one I envision now with my new understanding of subtle energy and sound therapy."

Dione Gadler

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner

"The most helpful part of this course was Jillian's reflective questions, keen intuition, and her ability to shine light on the areas of my hidden self-imposed blockages.

She guided me to a place of alignment that I know I would have struggled with on my own, for who knows how long, without her help.

This course is valuable beyond measure, in so many ways ~ from the practical to the deeply personal.

If you have any inkling of doing it, then trust that it's for you."