Grow a Thriving Practice

Grow a Thriving Practice

Hosted by: Jillian Faldmo

Are you ready to grow a thriving practice? Jillian Faldmo is a Biofield Tuning Coach, Mentor, Instructor and Practitioner. Included are ways to grow your business from marketing, self coaching, practice enhancement...


Meeting with Your Future Self

Season #1

Making present decisions from your past self could be detrimental to growing your practice. Learn how meeting with your future self leads to decisions from clarity, abundance and calm. Also mentioned on the show: BT...
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Confidently Talking About What You Do

Season #1 Episode #69

In this episode, I offer a 4-step process to confidently talk about the work you do.  The 4 steps include Building evidence for yourself Defining a common problem Speaking in a way a 12 year-old could understand ...
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68. 10 Minutes a Day with Amanda Korger

Season #1 Episode #68

In this episode Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Amanda Korger, shares her journey to creating a month-long program for busy moms using Biofield Tuning. Tune in to learn how she created her 10 minutes a day...
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67. Permission to tell the truth

Season #1 Episode #67

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all," -- a common principle we were taught as children. While well intended, many of us have learned that if we don't agree with something, we need to...
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66. The Process for Setting Your 30-Day Goal

Season #1 Episode #66

I never thought goal setting was for me. I thought that my life was going just fine the way it was. Things just seemed to fall into my lap, thankfully. I was "in the flow," and "present with what is." Why shift my...
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65. Astrology & Biofield Tuning with Julie Ramsdell

Season #1 Episode #65

Ever wonder how to incorporate astrology and Biofield Tuning? Listen in as Julie Ramsdell shares her experiences and wisdom. Stay tuned for the end when Julie announces a special offer.  Julie Ramsdell |...
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64. Your Relationship with Your Future Clients Group BT Session

Season #1 Episode #64

Set aside an hour for yourself to receive this powerful group Biofield Tuning session. The intention for the session is to attract the clients who will enrich your practice. 
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63. How to Get Clients Coming Back for More

Season #1 Episode #63

Tune into this episode to learn about Why series are beneficial for you and your clients How to gauge progress with Biofield Tuning When doubt fades away Why doing the numbers in your business is...
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62. Shifting Into a New Identity

Season #1 Episode #62

What's in between you and your goals? Shifting. Evolving. Transformation. And also... Discomfort, Fear, Uncertainty, Dissonance. But here's the thing. It's all worth it.  Tune in to learn how to embrace an identity...
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61. Why Clients Aren't Booking

Season #1 Episode #61

Your website is created, you're sending out newsletters, writing Instagram posts, but still no bites. What's missing? Tune in to find out!
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60. Self-sabotage vs Self-regard

Season #1 Episode #60

Breaking a commitment can come from either fear or love.  Tune in to learn: What is self-sabotage and where does it come from The difference between self-sabotage and self-regard How to know which cycle you are in
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59. "Busy-ness" is a Mental Construct

Season #1 Episode #59

If I asked you how your day was, how would you reply? If your answer is "busy," then this episode is for you. Tune in to learn how to turn your busy life into a life of alignment.
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