Grow a Thriving Practice Coaching Program

This coaching program is for you if: 


You are ready to share your gifts

You know you have something transformational to offer, but you're not sure where to start. You feel confused on how to find clients and get paid to do the work you love.


You are ready to do the work

You have a dream to make your practice your main source of income so you can do the work you love all of the time, but you're scared and need help figuring out how to run a business without making huge mistakes and burning yourself out.

I'm ready

Noémi Kiss

Kiss Sounds

"This year of working with Jillian has taught me so much about how to build and grow a thriving practice, but it also helped me gain so much understanding of what was in the way of me becoming as successful as I wanted to be.

Week after week we dove into questions that would challenge me and help me grow on a personal level just as much as a practitioner. It changed the way how I show up in my life as a partner, friend and leader.

I'm so grateful for her help, and I'm also so happy to have jumped in!

The value and resources she offers are more than I could've dreamed of and definitely worth every penny.

She's generous beyond measure, she's fun and easy to work with, she's honest and dares to be vulnerable. I always felt that she was her authentic self all along the way, she walked the path in front of me, and with me."

There are two roles in your practice:

1️⃣ The practitioner

2️⃣ The entrepreneur


You became The Practitioner because you want to help people.

But the Practitioner cannot do her job unless the Entrepreneur does hers. 

Get ready to...

✦ TRANSFORM your relationship with money

EXPAND your belief in yourself

✦ CLARIFY your unique business direction


Growing your practice doesn't have to be overwhelming, confusing, or isolating. In fact, you can experience yourself as a thriving entrepreneur while having fun along with way with highly effective coaching and a network of like-minded practitioners to support you throughout this process.


Just imagine having the...

✦ CLARITY in talking about your offering in your every day life so that selling becomes natural, authentic, and easy (not salesy)

AUTHENTIC CONNECTION with your audience, so that you can facilitate powerful shifts and transformation for them even before they start working with you

BELIEF in your value and worth as a practitioner so that receiving money becomes a true exchange of energy, and not something you don't feel worthy of

CONFIDENCE to put yourself out there so that you can achieve your business and money goals with ease

BUSINESS-MINDED SKILLSET so that you can help your business reach its fullest potential



You just need the right support from someone who has been there. I understand where you are, and I know how to get you to where you want to be.


Along the way, you will learn: 


The Grow a Thriving Practice Framework

Take your business to the next level by learning how to turn your large goals into smaller, actionable steps. Soon enough, you'll be thinking like a successful entrepreneur.


The Self-Coaching Model

Learn how to use your mind to create the results you most desire. I'll teach you how to use this model in your business and your everyday life so that you can truly thrive.


The Grow a Thriving Practice Three-Step Sales Strategy

You will learn the simple three-step sales strategy that Jillian used to grow her six-figure business. Let this strategy work for you while you sleep. Watch the clients come rolling in.


Marketing and Sales Mindset for Healer Entrepreneurs

There's no industry like this one. As you shift your marketing and sales mindset to one that can help transform lives, you'll feel more authentic and confident when you promote your services. The energy you embody will attract your ideals clients to you effortlessly.

Content Creation Process

Learn the skill of content creation using Jillian's 5-step process. You will unlock the wisdom within you and be eager to share it with the world. No more confusion about what content to create. No more feeling doubtful or insecure of your ability to share your message with the world. 


Yes! This is exactly what I need.

Mary Grunvald

Empowered Tuning & Pilates PT

"I have been working with Jillian and have learned so much about myself with her. She inspires me to figure it out: Who am I, and who is my audience? When I feel resistance, we focus on that and try to figure it out. She's not just about business; she listens and helps troubleshoot problems that arise in day-to-day life. She shares her own world in a vulnerable way that helps me understand my own feelings and create actions from them. I love the versatility of her program—from the group tunings, personal meetings, workshops, and business path. It is a smorgasbord of knowledge, and I am grateful to work with her. Join her program; you won't regret it."

Penny Murray

Resilient Balance

This program has brought me ALIVE! I feel abundance all around me. This program is about WAY more than building business. It is about me creating me. The me I have longed to be. Confident. Vibrant. AND self supported.

While coaching with Jillian, in just under a year, my business has grown to support my lifestyle and my whims.

The community here is my family. I lean in and they hold me. They lean in and I support them. This program is about expanding all of one’s self beyond any limitations and discovery a new dimension of self daily."

Rivkah Goldberg

Stellar Resonance

“The accountability of this program is huge. It creates momentum, which I’ve been lacking. I’m learning I can be a mom, friend, and business owner and I’m gaining clarity on what I have to offer. I can let it be messy and relax into it. I’m also really liking being a part of a group of like-minded individuals.”

Dione Gadler


"The most helpful part of this course was Jillian's reflective questions, keen intuition, and her ability to shine light on the areas of my hidden self-imposed blockages.

She guided me to a place of alignment that I know I would have struggled with on my own, for who knows how long, without her help.

This course is valuable beyond measure, in so many ways ~ from the practical to the deeply personal.

If you have any inkling of doing it, then trust that it's for you."

Meaghan Bose

Sound Works Tuning

"Jillian’s Grow a Thriving Practice was an awesome experience! It is exactly what I needed after becoming a practitioner. After getting certified I felt excitement but also a feeling of, now what do I do? Along with being a part of group coaching calls I received individual guidance and coaching through Jillian’s highly honed in coaching skill set.

After working together, I was able to put together my thoughts, ideas, and figure out what I really wanted. I made small goals for myself and heard Jillian’s voice in my head when I felt I couldn't do it. When I questioned myself I used the tools she provided to not get overwhelmed and throw in the towel, but to give myself the space I needed to figure out what was driving the thought and counteract it with an action that resonated with the opposite of fear, lack of confidence, self-doubt.

I highly recommend working with Jillian, her coaching is honest, pragmatic, and pushes you to your boundaries of self-limiting thoughts, but the best part is that her tools work to shift your perspective. She works in an approachable way that allows you to slowly build your own confidence, to see the best in yourself, and to attain your entrepreneurial goals. If you have any doubts, Jillian is the coach you need."





  • On-demand business-growing training modules
  • Live and recorded group calls - coaching, peer support, and sound healing sessions (Tuesdays at 2pm Pacific Time)
  • Exclusive online community

An excellent choice if you're wanting more connection and community.





Experience exponential growth in just three months

  • Lifetime access to everything in the group coaching program, PLUS
  • 12 consecutive weeks of private, 1:1 coaching 

A fantastic option if you're desiring more tailored and consistent coaching and accountability.





  • Meet with Jillian for a private, 1:1 coaching session
  • Gain clarity and direction
  • Create an action plan
  • Schedule as needed

A great selection if you're needing a little support here and there.

Please note: This option does not include the access to the membership portal with training modules

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You might be wondering...

How will coaching help me?

Coaching can be likened to having a personal GPS navigator for your life and business goals. Just as a GPS helps you navigate unfamiliar terrain and reach your destination efficiently, coaching provides guidance and support to help you navigate the challenges and uncertainties on your personal and professional journey. You will receive twelve weeks of personalized 1:1 support.

Will this really work for me? Nothing else has.

What you will learn in the Grow a Thriving Practice Coaching Program will undoubtedly transform the way you experience your life and business. You will learn how to utilize your most valuable asset - your mind - to create the results that feel most aligned to you. In just three months, you will look back to when you began your coaching journey and be amazed at what you have accomplished.

What specifically will I get from this program?

You will become a confident and articulate entrepreneur with marketing and sales skills that feel perfectly aligned with who you are. You will embody a fresh inner resourcefulness that feels relaxed and at ease when it comes to your business. These valuable skills and aligned mindset will be delivered through twelve weeks of private, intensive coaching; as well as lifetime access to weekly group calls, group coaching, and community support. You will never feel alone again.

I'm in!