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✘ NO spending endless hours on social media 

✘ NO complicated or icky sales tactics

✘ NO wasting time on methods that don't work


Welcome to Grow a Thriving Practice

You're here to make a difference, and we're here to ensure you thrive in every aspect of your practice.


  • Transforming your relationship with money
  • Expanding your belief in yourself
  • Clarifying your unique business direction

No more overwhelm or isolation. With my guidance, you'll embrace entrepreneurship with confidence and joy.

Picture yourself:

  • Speaking about your offerings naturally and authentically
  • Connecting deeply with your audience, facilitating powerful transformations
  • Believing in your value and worth, making receiving money a true exchange of energy
  • Having the confidence to achieve your goals effortlessly
  • Developing a business-minded skillset to maximize your practice's potential

You're capable,

You just need the right support. I've been where you are, and I've walked the path to success.

Throughout your journey, you'll learn:

  • The Grow a Thriving Practice Framework: Turn your big goals into actionable steps and think like a successful entrepreneur.
  • The Self-Coaching Model: Utilize your mind to create the results you desire, both in business and in life.
  • The Three-Step Sales Strategy: Harness a simple yet powerful strategy to grow your business effortlessly.
  • Marketing and Sales Mindset for Healer Entrepreneurs: Shift your mindset to attract ideal clients effortlessly.
  • Content Creation Process: Unlock your wisdom and confidently share your message with the world.

Are you ready to thrive? Join us and unlock the full potential of your practice today.




  • Learn how to turn your messaging into paying clients
  • Discover the right way to use social media to reach your target audience effectively
  • Implement a simple marketing and sales strategy that works while you sleep
  • Receive coaching and energy work on your business - live calls every week
  • Get to work with your peers via our online community
No contract. Cancel anytime

Doors will open again late Summer/early Fall 2024.


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Mary Grunvald

Empowered Tuning & Pilates PT

"I love the versatility of her program—from the group tunings, personal meetings, workshops, and business path. It is a smorgasbord of knowledge, and I am grateful to work with her. Join her program; you won't regret it."

Penny Murray

Resilient Balance

While coaching with Jillian, in just under a year, my business has grown to support my lifestyle and my whims."

Rivkah Goldberg

Stellar Resonance

“The accountability of this program is huge. It creates momentum, which I’ve been lacking.”

Dione Gadler


"This course is valuable beyond measure, in so many ways ~ from the practical to the deeply personal. If you have any inkling of doing it, then trust that it's for you."

Noémi Kiss

Kiss Sounds

"This year of working with Jillian has taught me so much about how to build and grow a thriving practice, but it also helped me gain so much understanding of what was in the way of me becoming as successful as I wanted to be....

The value and resources she offers are more than I could've dreamed of and definitely worth every penny."

Meaghan Bose

Sound Works Tuning

"Jillian’s Grow a Thriving Practice was an awesome experience! It is exactly what I needed after becoming a practitioner."