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At some point, growing your practice will require you to reach outside of yourself and ask for help.

Fortunately, I've got you covered.


Below you will find a list of amazing resources, vetted by yours truly.


And then, there's always the value of having

your very own personal coach to show you the way.


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The Sound Space

Regular Biofield Tuning sessions change the way your body responds to stress. Realign with nature and tune into the rhythm and frequency of you.

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Remote Group Sessions with Jillian Faldmo

Growing your practice is often parallel with our own inner work. Healthy relationships, loving your body, and having an amazing relationship with money will determine how we show up for our business. 

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Ancestral Resolution with Penny Murray

Understand yourself on a new level. What are the patterns at play that are preventing you from moving forward?

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Profitable Wellness

Helping you turn your passion for wellness into a profitable business. Website design, logo creation, social media support and more!

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Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping

The must-have course for awesome bookkeeping

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Apex Virtual Accounting

How Much Can you Pay Yourself from your Business and Plan for Taxes?

Business accounting needs, course on self-employment tax 

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Design emails people love to open

Beginners and experts use Flodesk to grow their business. 

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Fifth Chakra Energy

Julie Ramsdell, MS, RM

Discover your life's purpose and align with it through astrology and Biofield Tuning. Request a chart reading with your session.

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