More Resources for Your Thriving Practice

Biofield Tuning: Relax, Recharge & Realign 

Biofield Tuning is vital for healer entrepreneurs as it offers a powerful tool for balancing the energy field, promoting holistic healing, and fostering personal growth. Biofield Tuning addresses energetic blockages and imbalances, enhancing your overall well-being. 

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Sound & Energy Healing Business Resource Kit

Holistic healing often begins with a desire to help others but evolves into mastering entrepreneurship. Shawna Mantey's kit empowers practitioners to gain control, find clarity, and delegate tasks, offering invaluable tools for streamlining their journey while providing personalized support.

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This is a 3-part recorded workshop series for Biofield Tuning Practitioners co-facilitated by Life and Business Coach, Jillian Faldmo and DEI Consultant, Dr. Trish DeRocher with the intention of empowering you to deepen your ability to hold safe, inclusive space for your clients.

Helping you turn your passion for wellness into a profitable business. Website design, logo creation, social media support and more!

Understand yourself on a new level. What are the patterns at play that are preventing you from moving forward?