96. Using Your Prefrontal Cortex to Plan Your Ideal Life

Season #1

Get ready for an inspiring episode that will revolutionize the way you perceive time management. In this week's podcast, we're diving deep into the concept of crafting your ideal schedule with purpose and passion. I'll walk you through a transformative process that empowers you to master your time, effortlessly balancing self-care, client commitments, and focused work. Discover the secret to unlocking your prefrontal cortex, that superpower within you, enabling intentional planning and decision-making. We'll guide you through embracing both your primitive brain's resistance and your problem-solving prefrontal cortex to create a life that's deliberate, conscious, and filled with what truly matters. Tune in and join me on this journey towards living a life you absolutely love—one that radiates intention, impact, and inspiration to everyone around you.