113. Accepting the Invitation with Marielle Fisher

Season #1

Embark on a soul-nurturing journey in this episode as I engage in a truly authentic conversation with Marielle Fisher, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Instructor. Dive into the depths of Marielle's healing journey and discover how it led her to become more in-tune with her inner knowing and intuition.

 Marielle openly shares with transparency about the challenges she has faced in building her business, providing listeners with a genuine look into the realities of the healing profession. Explore her unique process of embodiment as a practitioner, unveiling the intricate ways in which she helps clients connect with themselves on a profound level.

A key theme of our discussion revolves around Marielle's commitment to normalizing human emotions. Delve into the wisdom she shares about embracing authenticity and creating a space where genuine feelings are acknowledged and accepted.

Connect with Marielle Fisher and explore her offerings at synergysoundhealing.com, and follow her on Instagram at @synergysoundhealing. Join me in this episode to be inspired by Marielle's authenticity and to gain valuable insights into the transformative world of sound and energy healing.