114. Living Your Potential with Leslie Barnett

Season #1

In this enlightening episode with Leslie Barnett, a Wellness Coach for Women, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner & Instructor, she shares profound insights gained from her personal healing journey with Lyme disease. Leslie generously offers valuable lessons to inspire both practitioners and seekers alike.

Explore the depths of healing as Leslie emphasizes the importance of frequency, sound, and vibration. Uncover the powerful role these elements play in our well-being and the remarkable impact they can have on our healing processes.

Leslie also delves into the electrical perspective of our body, unraveling the intricate connection between our biofield and overall health. You will gain a deeper understanding of the profound ways in which our bodies interact with energy and frequencies.

Connect with Leslie Barnett and explore her wellness offerings at ⁠barnettwellnessconsulting.com⁠. Tune in to this episode for a holistic exploration of healing, wellness, and the intricate dance between frequency and vitality.


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