115. Staying Curious with Shannon Brooks

Season #1

Join me in this explorative episode as Shannon Brooks, a seasoned practitioner and instructor based in Austin, TX, shares her 20+ years of her practice-growing journey.

Shannon, with a background in psychology, unveils the profound impact of Biofield Tuning on the healing process for her clients. In this illuminating episode, she delves into understanding how patterns are laid down over time and how this knowledge accelerates the healing journey.

Join Shannon on a personal journey as she recounts the shifts in her business during the pandemic, overcoming challenges, and reshaping her perspective as a professional. Gain insights into her decision-making process around pricing, grounded in the spirit of generosity.

Discover how Shannon, hailing from the great state of Texas, embraced change by shifting her hours and letting go of the traditional office setting. Uncover the wisdom she shares on managing fees and money, all while fostering a curiosity-driven mindset.

This episode goes beyond the surface, as Shannon offers a harmonious blend of expertise and personal growth.

You can get in touch with Shannon at tunemybiofield.com