Grow a Thriving Practice

Grow a Thriving Practice

Hosted by: Jillian Faldmo

Are you ready to grow a thriving practice? Jillian Faldmo is a Biofield Tuning Coach, Mentor, Instructor and Practitioner. Included are ways to grow your business from marketing, self coaching, practice enhancement...


58. Be the Expert

Season #1 Episode #58

When you believe in yourself, you embody confidence, and show up for your clients whole-heartedly. You stop hiding and doubting.  Listen in to learn how you already are enough!
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57. Your Clients are Waiting for You

Season #1 Episode #57

What gets in the way of getting more clients?  Not knowing how Fear of not getting it right Not understanding your "why" Join me in this episode to learn how to transform your thoughts so that you're more likely...
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56. Time Management Workshop

Season #1 Episode #56

Using time management to achieve the results you want in your practice is a skillset. Join me in this episode as I give you a step-by-step process to accomplish your business goals!
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55. Having More Money Group BT Session

Season #1 Episode #55

If you happened to receive $1 million in extra income, what would you do with it? Would you spend it impulsively? Or would you take the time to nurture a relationship with that money and invest it wisely? Earning...
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54. Put Imposter Syndrome at Ease

Season #1 Episode #54

Imposter Syndrome is a phenomenon you can experience whether you are just starting your practice, or already have a successful business.  Listen in as we cover: What exactly is it? What does it look like in your...
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53. Disappointment as Part of the Journey

Season #1 Episode #53

What’s one emotion you try to avoid at all costs? For me, it used to be disappointment. Tune in to hear how disappointment can actually be a gift on your journey.
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52. Having Fun

Season #1 Episode #52

We have so much to do with creating our own experiences! What if you could make even the struggle enjoyable? Tune in for some inspiration.
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51. Success Isn't Always Comfy

Season #1 Episode #51

What if fear, doubt, and confusion didn't mean that something was wrong? What if it meant you were headed towards living the life of your dreams? Join me in this episode to hear how these feelings have become...
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50. Consistency is Key

Season #1 Episode #50

Most of us are waiting for the big win, whether it's a full schedule of clients, or a certain amount of money in the bank account. But the way we create a big win is by showing up consistently. This episode teaches...
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49. Lessons Learned with Rivkah Goldberg

Season #1 Episode #49

Life is full of transitions. Navigating them with grace isn't always easy. Rivkah Goldberg, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, shares her growth over the past 2 years, and how she's had to pivot. Her experience...
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48. Free Group Session to Access Your Future Self

Season #1 Episode #48

Unleash and expand the possibilities for a life full of potential. Understand what's limiting your current self from accessing and potentiating the life of your dreams. Enjoy this powerful remote group Biofield Tuning...
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47. Spark Your Joy with Linda Wirt

Season #1 Episode #47

Looking for some inspiration? This episode is packed with it! Listen in as Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Linda Wirt, shares her joy of being a facilitator of the transformational power of Biofield...
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